Friday, May 8, 2009

Three years gone !

Today is my third year as an employer at Carrefour, Which is good in general but bad to my career plan.

When you have a passion to do a job and find your self doing something eals, You definitely feels bad, i figured some mistakes that i want to share with others.

1. Don't wast your time on what you hate to do because it will never be useful for you any way..
2. The key to success to know what you need and plan for it. (that's how you will measure your achievements).
3. Updating .. is very important concept in IT in general that you should be consider to yourself first (Self before machine).

I noticed I've worked as Assistant now for three years, without updating myself or even do what i really like to do.
The main issue was the job market in the GCC is a little weird those people work for other reasons than business and your self ego.

They will hire you if you are from specific nationality or will give you a higher salary and will do partnership the same way based on your nationality.

That feeling is so bad to live with, I belive it was a mistake to waste three years from my bright life on such people.

I am planning to correct this mistake as soon as possible.

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