Sunday, July 19, 2009

Disk Quota management

Almost in every organization users need storage to save data, share data and the company need to protect its resources as well, I did a small search on the subject plus my experiment.

In windows OS we can use disk quota option from the disk properties > Quota tab.

But it has some limitation, First you have to use NTFS file systems, second windows quota is done on volume level which has it's own limitation as well.

Another solution was found and applied SpaceGuard SRM from my view it was what we need, some features like file type-filter, Folder quota although Microsoft has it's own developed storage management solution, SpaceGuard was the choice.

I know there are many other solution available and open source projects as well, as for linux environment StandAlone Admin has mentioned small hint on the subject, you also can share your experiment with us, I am sure you have a unique one.

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