Saturday, March 13, 2010

Support lifecycle for XP SP2 and Vista !

Just noticed that Windows XP the best OS (Operating System) in my opinion from Microsoft before 7 now, is reaching it's ending life cycle for support from Microsoft as mentioned here.

If you still using SP2 upgrade to SP3 as soon as you can, because next 13 July 2010 will be the last date for supporting Windows XP SP2 or maybe some of us may still using XP without any Service Packs, upgrade to SP3 for free now. 
Download Link for SP3.

Vista  support will end by 13 April, 2010, upgrading to SP2 is your way out.
Download Link for Vista SP2.

Or upgrade your OS to Windows 7 the latest OS from microsoft which has noticed improvements. If your hardware can meet the system requirements or your pocket budget.
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