Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Facebook security and privacy

No doubt that today's challenges are greater than before specially when everything become online and published our personal info, photos, location, etc.

With more evil people around us and focusing on how to use us for their own benefits. is currently the most famous social network website according to with more than 900,000,000 unique monthly visitors and 1.5 billion users according to so facebook is the #1 risk in our online presence and need quite good attention to our privacy and security.

a simple start is privacy checker from your home page to easily control your privacy in

  • In your home page when you first login to facebook click on your top right side on the lock symbol and choose privacy checker.
  • an easy 3 steps to control you privacy first your new posts who can see your posts.
  • second your applications who can see them.
  • 3rd and last your info (email, telephone, birthday)

This was a simple way to control your facebook privacy, safe socializing.
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