Saturday, January 23, 2016

(Hallo!) an android app that remind you to call contacts

Hallo everyone, I used to get blamed a lot from family and friends for not calling them so often but after all excuses get finished I notice that I get busy in this life and simply I forget, moreover in such big world with so many contacts its difficult to remember who you called recently and who you did not call in a year for example.

An android app was born from this demand (Hallo!) its still in early ages with simple interface and functionality but it will grow up :)

first thing you see in the app when you open is your lists of contacts where you pick your contacts based on contact frequencies for example I would call Mam and Dad on daily bases so I created family list and added them to it.
Then you set the notification periods daliy. bi weekly and so-forth up to a year for each list, from the app settings you can then set your preferred notification time and tone.

Hallo! comes in two editions:
free limited to 3 lists and with ads (Google Play)
premium with unlimited lists and without ads. (Google Play)

Notification settings
Main menu lists
List notification frequency

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