Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fiber optics Cables

Its interesting cables, Long deployment steps to get sufficient service.
This cables support up to 3 kilometers and some types support as much as you need, I asked a technician it's similar to copper cable it has a color code, It's has too much make up as he said.
You have to be patient because it's contain many phases to finalize the deployment, a patch panel, termination, fan-out and some other stuff he knows it.

There are also some vendors from the top list on the cabling field.
R&M one of them and this company can provide you with the cables you need only if you hired its technicians, They get the training and the certificate like other top vendors CISCO, Microsoft and IBM, you only can buy the cables directly from the mother company NO RESELLERS.

More information about the Fiber Optic cable I would like to add, you have to cut the fiber to 90 degree if not no data will reach the end point.
I have uploaded a clip about the deployment in a patch panel which is the end point of the cable that you use it to connect up your hardware with the cable.

Watch it here >>

You also has to follow the standard steps to deploy it or install it like wearing a glasses and gloves to protect your hand and eye because if you are not a professional you may break the cable which is too small and it can get under your skin or in the eyes and no way to get out because when you try it will broke it more and more it's week and fragile.
You can cut your skin to remove it.
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